Vanshika Arts Education and Welfare Society was initiated in July 2007 by Mrs. Pooja Makkar with aim of serving and saving the innocent childhood from thalassemia. In

the year 2011, Vanshika Arts received 80G and 12A Certification as a cultural & social

Non Governmental organization.

We are active with the promising efforts to make the humanity free from the pain, poverty, hunger and inequality. We aim to wipe every drop of tear in every eye and

bring smile to each face. Vanshika Welfare Society dreams about the world where people can live in the peaceful world where no one is poor, hungry or illiterate; girls

and women live without any fear and social prejudices, no disease may terrify the innocent childhood & all may practice their legal rights, fully and equally.


Vanshika Arts Education and Welfare Society is an honest effort towards taking developing a new world that is free from a hunger, poverty, pain and inequality.

VAEWS is determined to work harder till there is the last drop of tear in the eyes

of humanity. VAEWS dream about the world where all the people can live in the clean society where no one is poor, hungry and illiterate; girls and women lives without any fear & social prejudice, no diseases may terrify the innocent child hood and all may practice their legal rights, fully and equally.


We represent a responsible approach towards the biggest challenges that the mankind are facing: pollution, social inequality, poverty, hunger or illiteracy. We are changing the world with small step of serving the humanity. Our efforts and your support together can make a big change. When a sound commitment get

a helping hand of resources, certainly some miracle happens. Vanshika Welfare Society invite kind heart donator to participate in the mission so that our society, nation and the entire planet can become a better place to live.

The society presents a responsible platform to deal with the serious issues that are challenging for a nation: poverty, illiteracy, hunger, gender discrimination & environmental imbalances etc.


All the donations made through the Vanshika Arts are exempted for Tax deduction under section 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961. Also Registered and certified with 12AA & FCRA.

151-Adarsh Nagar, Jaipur, India

+91 998 227 9333



Deepesh Bhagwan [GUARDIAN]

Samrat Singh [COORDINATOR]

Surendra Jetawat


Dinesh Sankhala


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