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Q. Is Vanshika Welfare Society an international organisation ?

A. Vanshika welfare society is an Indian trust and almost all vanshika supporters are Indian or of Indian origin. Vanshika funds are deployed in India to benefit Child Rights for Underprivileged Children in India underprivileged Indian children and a small proportion is also invested in local causes.

Vanshika has also periodically received support from international organisation that have helped with special requirements.

Q. In that case, how does Vanshika raise resources?

A. Vanshika raises the valuable resources we need for our work through:

Individuals Corporate and institutional donations

Q. How does Vanshika reach out for basic rights to children?

A. We believes that community mobilisation is one of the key aspects of ensuring sustainable change. For more than three decades, our approach has ensured that children, their parents and communities are informed about their rights and engage with their local government bodies to make sure that the root causes of their immediate problems are solved .

Q. How are resources used?

A. We have learned that effecting long-term, sustainable change requires a holistic approach. Accomplishing this kind of change necessitates work at three levels:

Direct action with children in the form of education and health care.Community mobilisation towards achievement of their rights.Advocacy with government bodies to influence policy framing and implementation.

Financial support and non-financial inputs in the form of organisation development, capacity building and training is extended to:

Individuals and projects working directly with underprivileged children and their parents, with local communities and government bodies.

Resource organisation that provide training, education material, etc. to smaller, younger initiatives in particular Strategic alliances or networks, whose aim is to facilitate the transfer of learning, build solidarity and influence policy.

Q. Does Vanshika receive government funding?

A. As an NGO (non-government organisation), we do not receive any direct government funding allowing us to remain independent, making unbiased evaluations of government policies and programmes. The government has also extended certain tax and duty exemptions to us, enabling us minimise costs.

How to Donate

Q. How do I make an online donation?

A. Select a donation scheme and specify the amount

Your donation amount will show up on the right

If you are donating just once to begin with, click on ‘I am giving just this once’

If you are interested in giving recurring donations via credit card or bank, click ‘I want to make it a habit’

Q. What happens if I select ‘I am giving just this once’

A. You will be taken to an online donation form. Please fill up all the required details and click on continue

Select the card type that you wish to use and click on proceed

You will be re-directed to a secure payment gateway

Q. Why What happens if I select ‘I want to make it a habit’

A. You will be taken to the online donation form

Please ensure your donation amount is correct. This amount can be changed by clicking on it right there

Please ensure your donation amount is correct. This amount can be changed by clicking on it right there

If you select Credit Card, you will be prompted to select your preferred credit card

Click on proceed to be re-directed to the secure payment gateway

If you select Via Bank, you will receive the necessary instructions on the same page

You will receive an instant receipt for all your online donations along with the donation amount and receipt number.

Q. Is there any advantage to donating online?

A. Yes. When you donate online, you help us twice over, as it is the most cost-efficient channel of collecting funds for Vanshika welfare society.

Q. Are there any tax benefits for donating to Vanshika?

A. Donations to Vanshika arts education and welfare society are exempt under section 80G of the Income Tax Act. Tax exemption is valid only in India.

Q. Will you send me tax exemption certificate?

A. Certainly. While specifying the details of your donation, just mention that you wish to claim tax benefits. The tax exemption certificate will reach you within 20 working days.


Q. How do I contact you regarding my donation in India?

A. For more assistance or information on donating to Vanshika welfare in India, please do write to us at help@vanshikawelfaresociety.org.

Q. Can I donate to Vanshika welfare society from outside of India?

A. Yes, you can donate to Vanshika even if you are living outside of India. Please click to donate online page.

Write to Us

If you have any queries that have not been addressed here or require clarification on any of the information provided, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at the Vanshika arts education and welfare society, Jaipur Office or email us at help@vanshikawelfaresociety.org


All the donations made through the Vanshika Arts are exempted for Tax deduction under section 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961. Also Registered and certified with 12AA & FCRA.

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