Thalassemia is a challenge to the humanity. It is a disease that can never be cured and often breaks the victims and their families physically, financially and emotionally. The treatment is very expensive and the poor and underprivileged parents can afford it. In this condition they have no option except seeing their child paining and each day. Since our journey began, we are making efforts to save the lives of thalassemia children, providing them all the required help and bring the smile back on their faces. For this very divine cause we regularly organize the blood donation camps, free medical check-ups (Star T2 MRI and Farenete Test) and provide the other basic amenities including nourished diet, medicines, equipment, clothes, education, emotional support along with care and treatment.

The only way to cure thalassemia is to prevent it.Vanshika Arts Education and Welfare Society (VAEWS) has some very ambitious plans regarding the prevention of thalassemia. We are planning to launch the campaign in each college and University aiming the test of each adult boy or girl so that they may have clear idea about their thalassemia positivity status. This information will help them to find their most suitable life partner in the future. Perhaps it is the best way to save an innocent child from the agony and pain of thalassemia.

VAEWS has continued to grow stronger and larger in the past years, with volunteers from around the country joining hands to work towards the vision.