Skill Development

It is nothing better than being self-depended for any human being. A famous saying is “it is much greater act to teach someone to earn instead of giving money or food.” Vashika Arts Education and Welfare Society believes that if a person has some skills to earn, he or she will never beg or look for other’s help. Our skill development projects include:

Basic livelihood training projects

The society is determined to provide better livelihood chances to each young and teenager engaged with it either they are boys or girls; or they are poor, orphan and specially abled children. We provide basic computer courses, handicraft, typing, cooking courses (for restaurants and cafes), and many others. We have help the society by providing many eligible and skilled data-entry operators, hardware assistants, market researchers, sales executives, stewards, housekeeping staff, white goods repair, maintenance technicians and homecare nursing assistant.

Women empowerment projects

For the women belonging to poor and backward class, we provide a basic training of self-development. Here the poor, widows, single mothers are given the skill training such as stitching, embroidery, soft toys making, Papad-Pickle production, cooking, baking, beautician training, basic knowledge of computer operations and many others so that these helpless women may be able to support themselves and their depending family as well. We also help these women to avail loans on low interest rate so that they can stand on their own feet.

Social involvement programs

There are several social benefit projects are being held by the society and for this many volunteers are also required to functionalize the plans and projects. These volunteers help us in teaching the slum children, taking care of specially abled children, skill development workshops, organizing and managing awareness programs (ralies, marches, seminars and workshops), arrangements of blood donation camps and many others. We welcome the young enthusiasts and appreciate their support and service through with a fair monetary remuneration.