Girl Empowerment

A healthy, educated and confident girl will grow as a self-dependent woman and an aware and understanding mother. Vanshika Arts Education and Welfare Society heartily wishes to provide the compulsory primary education and fulfilling the nutritional needs and support in the every physical, emotional and psychological manner so that the girls may not to be suffered from illiteracy, malnutrition and gender inequality. our initiatives are focused on the overall development of young and teenage girls so that they may not be forced for child marriage and get enough education and skills earning till the marriage age.

VAEWS is active with its academic support programme for girls from the age of 5-15 years or till they’ve completed class 10. We also support and guide for further studies, careers, life skills, and overall to navigate through their years of adolescence. As the age of adolescence is probably one of the most crucial and difficult phase of a girl’s life we try to focus on this age group and nurture and support girls during this critical phase of their life. Our aim is to support adolescent girls to thrive and succeed through awareness and focused efforts.

In our regular counselling and workshops girls learn how to logically define and analyse situations in terms of actions and their consequences, and to hone the ability to find solutions to the challenges and problems they face. These workshops further include components of training in English, computer skills and digital literacy, financial literacy, health and nutritional awareness, physical fitness and self-defence.

We have recently launched the mission “Safe Mensuration” for creating awareness and ensuring health and hygiene during mensuration. We distribute free sanitary napkins to girls and women in the slum and rural areas as well as in government schools also.