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A Helping Hand

Childhood, its innocence and its selflessness are priceless and it is our duty to care, nurture and flourish it. With all its heart and soul, Vanshika Welfare Society wants to shorten the problems these children are facing today and ensure them a bright and better tomorrow. If your cooperation and contribution join our efforts, there are many sinless lives can win their battle for survival. Your participation can make a happy world. With each small step we get a bit closer to the destination. We make an appeal to the kind heart donors to join our initiatives and contribute as per their capacity. Your helping hand will strengthen our initiatives and endeavour.

Vanshika Arts Education and Welfare Society is an active and dedicated mission that covers a wide and comprehensive area of social welfare and reforms. You can empower our moral and motto in many ways so that together we can give a better and healthy life to these needy people. You can participate in our mission in the form of medical aid, medicines, injections, thalassemia equipment, stationary, school uniforms, cycles, computers, technical equipment etc. The society takes responsibility of providing good food to many helpless, sick and homeless people and children on the daily basis. You can help us in our fight with hunger and hopelessness. We further appeal for your support to come forward and provide computer, stitching / embroidery, beautician related materials and equipment so that we can provide the employment opportunity and required training to widows and women from poor and backward section. Your help can make these women self-dependent.

All the donation from you is completely exempted from tax under section 80G of the Indian Taxation Act and you will be given a receipt of it.

Blood ward and Rest House for Thalassemia parents

Thalassemia is a critical issue for medical science and the society as well. While the cure is almost impossible, the treatment is very expensive for the parents with insufficient financial sources. Society often organizes the blood donation camps as well as the free blood transfusion sessions time to time in order to help these patients and their families. Jaipur is the only city in Rajasthan and nearby states where the blood transfusion technology is available, a large number of patients use to come here for treatment and care on a regular basis.

Vanshika Arts Education and Welfare Society appeals to generous donors to provide funds for building a permanent blood ward with all required equipment and medical facilities. This will facilitate us to provide the better care and treatment on a regular basis and as per their convenience. During the transfusion process the parents or guardians who come along with the thalassemia patients have to deal with some problems as they have no place to stay or rest. We further appeal you to support or plan to build a rest house for these parents where they can stay and relax while their child is being treated.

Shelter for orphan and homeless children

Your kind and compassionate support can empower our mission and strengthen our hands. VAWSE requests all the generous people to participate in fulfilling our dream to build a shelter home for orphan and homeless children who are spending their lives on footpaths, especially there are some small and teenage girls also. Your gracious association and help us to provide a home to these kids and grow with care and safety.

All the donation from you is completely exempted from tax under section 80G of the Indian Taxation Act and you will be given a receipt of it.

Let’s be a life saver, be a life giver…..

An honest initiative can be achieved only in the situation if the capable people like you step forward to help us. In our battle with Thalassemia, we are hopefully looking for your active, financial and emotional support. Childhood is one of the most beautiful creations by the god and your help and aid can bring the smile back on their faces and perhaps it is the best prayer to the almighty.

You have many options to become a life giver, a life saver. You can donate blood; give your monetary support for medicines, checkups and nutritious food to thalassemia children. You can further cooperate in many of our other ongoing projects such as curing and caring orphans, mentally disabled and deaf-dumb children, supporting poor widows to become self-depended and operating old aged homes for lone and sick old people. In every mode, you are playing an important role in serving the humanity. A little bit of your cooperation can bring light to someone’s dark path.

Your support and cooperation empowers our energy and moral in a multiple manner. But the most important thing is, it makes these children realize that they are also an essential and accepted part of the society, that there is someone who cares and works for them. And, the same belief gives them an emotional strength and they get motivated to self-development and also of the society and the nation.

Vanshika Arts Education and Welfare Society invites you to accept your responsibility towards humanity, society and the nation. Let’s make the India free from Thalassemia. Let’s create a world where no innocent smile may get faded because of poverty, diseases, hunger and hopelessness.

All the donation from you is completely exempted from tax under section 80G of the Indian Taxation Act and you will be given a receipt of it.