Environmental Safety

Vanshika Arts Education and Welfare Society (VAEWS) wants to make this Earth a beautiful planet to live. While the environment of the planet is being threatened by many hazardous elements, we are ready to take our responsibility and work for it. At present, we are exclusively working for environmental protection, conservation, public education and awareness. Our aim is to generate the wide results by engaging the local community in solving the local environmental issues through creating awareness. Our spectrum of activities includes various projects and plan which are as follow:

We are promoting environmental awareness through various events like tree plantation activities (Prakrity Saptaah, Van Mahotsav, etc.), organizing rallies, awareness marches, workshops, nature based art and drawing competitions for kids and various other practices.

With the aim of motivating youth and children’s participation in Save the Planet Movement we regularly visit the schools and colleges and suggest the students the ideas and solutions for a healthy and safe environment. These events are dedicated for various day to day issues such as reducing the use of plastics, fuels, rational use of electricity, wastage of food, save water, adoption of solar energy, concept of reuse and recycle, use of dustbins at public places, etc.

We are working together with corporate agencies and private companies on their social campaigns for cleanliness and health awareness programs such as health camps etc.

Without the active and serious participation of women not any social concern can be reached to its desired success. We are engaging the women of all ages and categories with our environment safety campaigns. We organize camps to motivate them for lessening use of plastic, energy preservation, developing their kitchen garden, waste management, keeping the home, society and the city clean and other related issues.