Education is the best and highly effective protection against poverty, discrimination and corruption. Vanshika Arts Education and Welfare Society is determined to helping out the underprivileged children and girls with education and to bring about a social change. One day all the children will achieve an excellent education-it is the vision of the society. VAEWS has initiated its Saaksharta Project to educate children from poor homes, orphanages and street shelters with basic education. Currently, some 46 volunteers are working hard to teach almost 700 children throughout the city and nearby rural areas from primary to professional (skill development) education. Additionally, we provide stationary, uniforms, nourished food and other supplies also to the needy students.

Educating girls is very essential and challenging in rural areas. For convenience of girls and encourage their trouble free education we distribute cycles time to time. Water, Sanitation, Health and Hygiene interventions that ensure all students have access to high quality and safe facilities and the required knowledge to use them. Recently, society has helped in building girl’s toilets in two schools in the village near Jaipur. We invite you to join us, donate or just spread the word.