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Welcome to Vanshika Welfare Society

Vanshika Arts Education and Welfare Society was initiated in July 2007 by Mrs. Pooja Makkar with the aim of serving and saving the innocent childhood from thalassemia. And in the year 2011, VAEWS received 80G & 12A Certification as a cultural & social No-Governmental organization.

Today, the canvas of activities of society is become more detailed than just Thalassemia. We are active with the promising efforts to make the humanity free from pain, poverty, hunger and inequality. We aim to wipe every drop of tear in every eye and bring smile to each face. Vanshika Welfare Society dreams about the world where all the people can live in a peaceful world where no one is poor, hungry or illiterate; girls and women live without any fear and social prejudice, no disease may terrify the innocent childhood and all may practice their legal rights, fully and equally.

The society presents a responsible platform to deal with the serious issues that are challenging the nation: poverty, illiteracy, hunger, gender based discrimination and environmental imbalance. We are changing the world with a responsible approach and small steps of serving the humanity. Our effort and your support, together can make a big change. When a sound commitment gets a helping hand of resources, certainly some miracle happens. Vanshika Welfare Society invites the kind heart donator to participate in the mission so that our society, nation and the entire planet can become a better place to live.

Our Mission

The aim is to help children build their own lives and take charge of their own future, restoring within them a sense of self-worth and confidence.We hope to achieve the following milestones by the Year 2020.

  • Livelihood security for two million helpless children.
  • Health security for two million helpless children.
  • Appropriate services to 12 million helpless children in partnership with government, the private sector, and civil society.
  • We take action for children in need of care and protection.
  • We respect varying religions and cultures, and we work in communities where our mission can contribute to development.

Our Vision

EVERY CHILD GROWS WITH LOVE: Through love and acceptance, emotional wounds are healed and confidence is built. Children learn to trust and believe in themselves and others. With this self-assurance, each child can recognize and fulfill his or her potential.

EVERY CHILD GROWS WITH RESPECT: Each child’s voice is heard and taken seriously. Children participate in making decisions that affect their lives and are guided to take a leading role in their own development. The child grows with respect and dignity as a cherished member of his or her family and society.

EVERY CHILD GROWS WITH SECURITY: Children are protected from abuse, neglect, and exploitation and are kept safe during natural disaster and war. Children have shelter, food, healthcare, and education. These are the basic requirements for the sound development of all children.