We often hear about the poor condition of girls who are forced to leave their studies for the sake of earning a living by working or helping in household chores. This backward thinking of people that girls are meant to be kept home and work and lack of education eradicates the society to be grown further. Girls are not given the opportunities to study and build their life. By providing these girls the holistic environment and giving quality education can make them capable of being skilled workers and employees when they grow up. They can tap the potential of education as a powerful asset to uplift themselves, their families and even the community around them.

The government has launched the “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhaao” initiative as an active attempt to fight this social evil and provide each Indian girl the survival, safety and education. Powered by the government and supported by various NGOs like Vanshika Arts Education and Welfare Society, here is how women empowerment can change how India perceives girls.

Educated girls grow as mature, informed and empowered women

Unfortunately, a large population of Indian women experience lower socioeconomic status in their community, mainly because they are denied the opportunities to learn. VAEWS with their active and robust programs are grooming and preparing school girls to reach school and stay there. This NGO is working to give the gift of education and empowerment to every girl so that she grows to be a capable adult.

Educated girls contribute to their communities

There is a saying “Bringing up a daughter is similar to watering a plant in another’s courtyard”. These thoughts show the lower mentality for girls in India. This socioeconomic discrimination makes them forever believe that they are inferior. Now, consider the mentality of the girls who are educated, they are aware of their capabilities, they have the potential to stand up not only for themselves but also for their family and the entire community. They can make their own decisions and thus become guiding light for young girls. Education Permeates the entire generation

The life lessons and practical scientific facts taught in school make their way home and this process becomes even more pronounced when NGOs like VAEWS step in, involving families and community leaders. It is very essential to erase the faulty belief system, like early marriage and parents holding their daughters back from going to school.

Why you must donate to VAEWS campaigns to empower girls

Clearly, any scheme to empower the girl child also radically change the mindset of an entire eco-system. For this, powerful figures, family members, teachers and women are permanently changed as they find themselves enabler of a culture of repression. This is where VAEWS come in, fill the blanks and work hand in hand with the government on this noble mission. Saving and nurturing the girl child is not only the matter of just humanity, but it also a special issue that directly affects the economic growth of the nation.