With the aim of saving the childhood and providing it better opportunities for development, Vanshika Arts Education (VAEWS)Welfare Society is working some very serious plans and projects. Started from curing and support and a helping hand. We are working for especially abled, mentally disabled, poor and orphan children as well as children from backward society and those who are fighting with many severe diseases. In its efforts to bloom and flourish the childhood and its limitless possibilities, VAEWS is further emphasizing over the moral buildup of these children. Along with medical assistance, we equally value to give emotional and psychological comfort to our little friends so that they walk along with the mainstream society and participate in its progress. On the timely level, the society organizes various social-cultural events, entertainment programs, sports events, drawing and art-craft camps and various festivals where these children get a plenty of opportunities to laugh, cherish and fun plus they can understand the various aspects and dimensions of life as well. As an active participant in art and cultural activities, VAEWS often organizes the charity and stage shows as well, so that we can get additional funds for medicines, checkups and other basic requirements of our little angels. These shows and cultural events are the open platform for many local talents and they are given an exposure and appearance to the world. Society is also engaged in organizing various cultural events like Nukkad Naatak and art workshops through them the common people may get consciousness about many serious social issues. We are further planning to produce the social telefilms and documentaries so that the people outside the state and the nation also can be aware of these problems and the efforts made by VAEWS to solve them so that they can be motivated for active participation.