According to the recent report provided by the World Health Organization, in India, approximate seven to ten thousand of the children are born with Thalassemia. The report further states that about 4% of the population of India is dealing with Thalassemia of different levels. It is very expensive to treat thalassemia and most of the poor and average income parents find themselves incapable to deal with routine blood transfusions, costly medicines and regular medical check-ups. It is very unfortunate that in lack of resources many innocent children of 12-15 age group loss their lives every year. Join Vanshika Art Education and Welfare Society (VAEWS) to fight with Thalassemia Since last decade, the society is active in curing and helping the poor and resource less thalassemia patients by all means. We arrange charity blood donation camps, free check-ups and medicine distribution events eventually. All the other concerns like providing nutritious food, clothes, making arrangements for their education and availing the basic needs for their normal living, are the prime objectives of VAEWS. We are also making the dedicated efforts for creating awareness for thalassemia and motivating people to participate in our mission to care, cure and cultivate the innocent childhood that is frightened under the shadow of this life threatening Thalassemia. We are trying to arrange the free tests and preparation of health horoscope for the poor and peoples of lower and backward areas so that there may be no chance of thalassemia patients due to unawareness. We welcome the kind heart people come forward to donate as well as participate in the battle with Thalassemia. There are many other ways to bring smiles to these innocent faces: As a very primary step you can donate blood. It is very safe for you and also can add a life of at least one month to a child suffering with thalassemia. Your monetary support will enable us to arrange regular medication and check-ups to these poor and unfortunate children. You can donate books, bags, uniforms, other stationery goods for these children and also can arrange their school fees. Thalassemia children have their specific dietary and nutritional requirements; you can help our initiative to ensure their healthy growth. Along with their medicinal help, to Thalassemia patients we equally value their moral development so that they can be a part of the mainstream society and be the part of it. With this purpose, Vanshika Welfare Society regularly organizes cultural and entertaining programs, sport events and festive activities where these children are provided an opportunity to laugh, cherish and understand the colorful dimensions of life. Your support and participation can make us more capable to ease their lives and add lessen their pain and agony.