Nobody cares about the life of a street child or what situation a street child deals with. Once a child leaves his or her family for whatever reason, abandoned or orphaned to spend their life on the street, these types of children are called or known as the street children. Most of the common public also labelled them as the street children, but they don’t worry about what problems that street children face. Many street children in India are homeless because of their family is homeless through poverty or migration. It is not unusual to see whole families living on the sidewalks of Jaipur, or rows of individual children sleeping around the railway station. They can be of many kinds, but usually, the life of a street child is about to the pick the plastic from the streets, selling handbags, washing cars, begging, shoe-shining domestic labor or prostitution. What problems do street children face is the question that cannot be answered in a simple way as it is a very complicated question. The children, when they are kicked out to the streets and bazaars to spend their whole life, they do work in small hotels, sell newspapers, or they can start prostitution to earn their living. They don’t blame anyone for their present condition as they are not mature enough to claim their condition to someone from the family members and what problems do street children face. These street children have the odds stacked against them. They are exposed to the elements, have an uncertain supply of food, are likely miss out on education and treatment, and are at high risk of suffering addiction, abuse and illness. A single child alone on the street is especially vulnerable. Poor health is a chronic problem for these street children. They are generally malnourished. As the result they are underweight and their growth has often been stunted. Most street children have no vaccination at all. They usually cannot afford, and do not trust doctors or medicines. If they receive any treatment at all it will often be harmful as with whose parents place scalding metal on their bellies as a remedy for persistent stomach pain. Street children and their health are not only subject to the strains and hazards of their labor, but are also denied the education or training that could enable them to escape the poverty trap. There are very few organizations and volunteers to look after and support the kids like them. The primary help for these children is providing protection facilities like night shelters, juvenile homes or drop-in shelters. The of assurance of food, clothes and life full of dignity are the next essentials.