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Welcome to Vanshika Welfare Society

Vanshika Arts Education and Welfare Society was initiated in July 2007 by Mrs. Pooja Makkar with the aim of serving and saving the innocent childhood from thalassemia. And in the year 2011, VAEWS received 80G & 12A Certification as a cultural & social No-Governmental organization.

Today, the canvas of activities of society is become more detailed than just Thalassemia. We are active with the promising efforts to make the humanity free from pain, poverty, hunger and inequality. We aim to wipe every drop of tear in every eye and bring smile to each face. Vanshika Welfare Society dreams about the world where all the people can live in a peaceful world where no one is poor, hungry or illiterate; girls and women live without any fear and social prejudice, no disease may terrify the innocent childhood and all may practice their legal rights, fully and equally.

The society presents a responsible platform to deal with the serious issues that are challenging the nation: poverty, illiteracy, hunger, gender based discrimination and environmental imbalance.

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Charity begins at home but should not end there!

Our Causes


Thalassemia is a challenge to the humanity.

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Health & Medical

Providing the healthy life to all is the prime motto of our society.

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Education is the best and highly effective protection against poverty.

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Environmental Safety

Vanshika Arts Education and Welfare Society Earth a beautiful planet to live.

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Your contribution can help to change lives!

Your Participation, Our Strength!

Vanshika Welfare Society is an active and dedicated mission that covers a wide and comprehensive area of social welfare and reforms. You can empower our moral and motto in many ways so that together we can give a better and healthy life to these needy people. You can participate in our mission in the form of medical aid, medicines, injections, required equipment, stationery, school uniforms, cycles, computers, technical equipment etc. We further appeal for your support to come forward to provide computer, stitching/embroidery, beautician related materials, and equipment so that we can provide the employment opportunity and required training to widows and women from the poor and backward section.


The Secret of Happy Children

In The Past Year, Kindness Supported Programs That Served Over 700,000 Childrens In 23 Countries. Every Mountain Top is Within Reach if You Just Keep Climbing. Maecenas Fermentum Tristique Dolor Sed Congue.